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Meet Our Team

Dr Amelia Pappas

Dr. Amelia Pappas has been practicing as a Chiropractor for over 10 years. Her certification in Cox Therapy has steered her focus towards the management and rehabilitation of disc injuries, pregnancy related back pain, postural strain and joint dysfunction. Amelia has recently been invited to join the Board of Chiropractic Australia Research Foundation (CARF) who are dedicated to supporting research in the chiropractic profession. Your spine is your most important structural asset-, It's the key to movement and function.

Dr Ali Azzam

Dr Ali Azzam has been practising in the medical field for 27 years and has extensive experience and qualifications in many fields. These fields include general medicine, chronic disease management as well as women's and children's health. In addition to all general medical and health care he will be offering preventive care, immunisation, travel medicine, skin disease management and pathology service.