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Schedule of Fees

We wish to advise that from Monday the 16th of May 2022 there will be changes to our billing policy.
We regret to inform you that we can no longer provide Bulk Billing services to all our patients.

Fully Bulk Billed appointments will only be available to patients over the age of 65.

The reality is that Medicare rebates no longer cover the cost of providing you with a safe and high-quality service.

The fees charged by this practice have to cover all of our practice costs including employing receptionists and practice nurses, and meeting our operating expenses such as rent, medical equipment and consumables, electricity, computers and insurance.

Please note that we have endeavoured to make our costs as affordable as possible for all patients.

If you are experiencing financial difficulties, please discuss this with our medical professionals.

Patients must pay the full consultation fee on the day of their appointment and will be out of pocket as per the table of fees set out below. The practice will process the Medicare rebate at the time of your consultation.

If you have any queries regarding the fees at our clinic, please feel free to ask one of our friendly receptions staff.

Consultation Fees – WEEKDAYS

Service Practice Fee Medicare Rebate Out-of-pocket
Standard Consultation (Item 23) $ 76.40 $ 41.40 $ 35
Long Consultation (Item 36) $ 115.10 $ 80.10 $ 35
Prolonged Consultation (Item 44) $ 153.00 $ 118.00 $ 35

Consultation Fees – Sunday

Service Practice Fee Medicare Rebate Out-of-pocket
Standard Consultation (item 5020) $ 98.90 $ 53.90 $ 45
Long Consultation (item 5040) $ 137.45 $ 92.45 $ 45
Prolonged Consultation (item 5060) $ 174.65 $ 129.65 $ 45

Private Consultation Fees (No Medicare)

Service Practice Fee Medicare Rebate Out-of-pocket
Standard Consultation $ 77 N/A $ 77

Telehealth consultations are now available to all patients and can be booked online. Our standard fees apply.

Patients with Medicare, please note, Telehealth consultations will only be covered by Medicare if you have attended the clinic Face-to-Face in the last 12 months, if not full consultation fees will apply with no Medicare rebate. 

Patients without Medicare – (private health insurance) may have telehealth appointments without these limitations.

We ask for all accounts to be paid at time of consultation.

Additional Fees
Additionally, out of pocket expenses may apply for certain investigations, procedures, treatments, dressings, immunisations, and vaccinations. You may ask the doctor for an indication of the out-of-pocket expenses for your visit. Please find all additional consultation fees listed below:

Implanon Insertion and Removal – $135

Cryotherapy – $ 25

Skin Biopsy – $ 185

Wound Suturing (stitches) – from $ 195

Ear Syringing – $ 30

Medical Examination Forms (short consultation) – $ 150

Medical Examination Forms (long consultation) – $ 250

Driver License Forms – $ 150

Wound Dressing – From $ 40

Non-government funded vaccinations – Contact nurse.

Worker’s Compensation – short consultation – $ 116.87

Worker’s Compensation – long consultation – $ 186.92

Iron Infusion- $80

Medical Forms/ Reports by GP- $90/Page

Pre-Employment Medical Examination – From $150

Admin fee to release documents: $15